Most of the phases of scoliosis are statistically bad posture- and relatively easy to treat. Unfortunately there are also "progressives", very strong worsening scoliosis! That especially counts for the growth phase where crooked- standing vertebras then also grow crooked.

This is a situation that you definitely don't want for your child!

Your child should now participate in intensive physiotherapy, orthopedic exercises and- very important: receive corrective chiropractic! Weekly treatments at this time (in which the vertebral grows form daily!) can achieve 10 or more degrees of correctness!

Only an experienced specialist is capable of performing frequent treatments without the danger of wearing out tendons. Talk to your chiropractor and get his advice!


House test for scoliosis
Look at your child from the back and let him/her bend forward. A "hunchback" should not be seen!

Get examined urgently:
Girls: 9/10 years and 14/15 years
Boys: 10/11 years and 14/15 years

Should you have the suspicion of a scoliosis: go to a chiropractor or a doctor, because:

Your child has to be x-rayed!

Should you substantiate the suspicion: Check up in 6-8 months.

Should a deterioration of more than one degree per month (e.g. check up: 4 degrees, second check up: 15 degrees) occur, then it has to be treated intensively (corset, plaster bed, etc.)

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