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Did you know that patients who undergo chiropractic treatment

  • spend 85% less on medication,
  • have 62% fewer outpatient operations and
  • have 60% fewer hospital stays. If these patients do end up in hospital, those who have been visiting a chiropractor spend almost 60% less time in hospital than patients who have not had their spine adjusted.

Did you know that even newborns can have subluxations (twisted vertebral bodies) as a result of the birth process and possible assistance by obstetricians and therefore suffer as a result?

They cry a lot or have digestive problems and often they have a preferred side to drink from. This may be, for example, due to the fact it is harder for them to turn their head to the other side. 

This is where it’s best for an experienced chiropractor to step in and take a look at the newborn baby. So that the newborn does not have to suffer unnecessarily, we recommend that they be checked over shortly after birth. 

Did you know that there are two different ways that the joints can become worn, resulting in pain?

For example, there is wear on the spine, which has about 127 different joints.

  1. Too much movement (competitive sports). Especially in cases of malposition of the vertebral bodies, pelvic obliquity or scoliosis, there is the traditional kind of wear – density is lost. In these cases, chiropractic treatment can help by correcting the statics. Less wear means that you’ll experience less pain.
  2. Too little movement in a joint. Blockages lead to deposits on the joints (can also be found in athletes!) – Density is added. Certainly, blockages don’t cause any pain in the beginning! In these cases, chiropractic treatment can help by removing these blockages – deposits that have not yet ossified can even disappear altogether. Many chirotherapists work according to this mechanistic approach. This approach is not wrong, but it is incomplete because:

Did you know that there are two different nervous systems (NS) in your body? 

  1. The “peripheral nervous system” – where muscles can be moved in a way that is active and voluntary.
  2. The “autonomic nervous system” – works by itself. The muscles and organs that this nervous system supplies cannot be influenced at will. For example, it would be impossible to say: Stomach, stop digesting!

Chiropractic adjustment has an influence on both nervous systems – as an essential key to your health and the traditional vitalistic approach, which backs up the popular saying “the chiropractor is a miracle worker”. The harmonious interaction between “art, science and philosophy” is particularly evident here.

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