During pregnancy, women are especially dependent on having a healthy back. The full weight of the unborn child is carried on it. Only a slight shift of a vertebra could lead to strong and sudden back pains and muscle strains. To prevent this, you should be examined by a chiropractor at the beginning of your pregnancy. The chiropractor can discover a shifted vertebra and can offer you his assistance. Especially if you suffer from one of the following symptoms: 

  • A "short" leg
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Stomach ache
  • Bad posture
  • Problems concentrating
  • Tingling sensation in your hands and arms
  • Back pain when bending over
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty with digestion
  • Poor muscle coordination
  • Pain between the shoulders
  • Headaches


Hip displacement and irritation of the symphysis during pregnancy or birth, can lead to massive back and pelvic pains. To prevent this you should be examined by a chiropractor. Back and pelvic pains, which occur after the birth of the child, are usually caused by hip displacements and/or a shifted spinal column that were not discovered and treated. They should definitely be corrected.

The most important reason for chiropractic treatment is that it offers a natural remedy: medication is taboo- and that is why chiropractic is often used for the medication- free treatment of intestinal and other problems. The positive influence of chiropractic treatment on the pelvic muscles almost always leads to a much easier and shorter birthing process.

When can you get treated during your pregnancy?
During the first two months of your pregnancy you should not be treated, but thereafter you could submit yourself to treatment up until the actual birth. Especially, during the last days prior to birth, the loosening of the pelvic muscles will have a noticeable effect. 


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