Markus Harbort

Geboren 1955, Abitur 1976 und 1976-1978 Studium in den USA (New York: Biology, pre-med. und dabei erste Kontakte zur Chiropraktik).

Studium der Medizin in Berlin und Kiel bis 1984, gleichzeitig Ausbildung zum Heilpraktiker und diverse Kurse zur Chiropraktik.

Assistent bei D.C. Häger in Bremen (Gründer der "Graduierten Chiropraktiker Deutschlands").

Seit Ende 1985 eine eigene Praxis in Bremen und seit 1987 Dozent für den B.D.H. (Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker,e.V.) und Initiator der Bremer Chiropraktik Seminare.

I first became interested in chiropractic in America (where modern chiropractic can be found everywhere) when a friend of mine who was a chiropractor first adjusted my own spine. I had a sudden, highly acute and feverish inflammation in my throat and having my spine adjusted this one time helped immediately. I felt so much better the very next day and I didn’t have to take any medication at all. I was so impressed by this and was hooked from then on. This vitalistic approach has always been around since then, i.e. healing by activating the nerves (via the spine and the resulting healing). The way of treating headaches, disc problems or “dislocations” which is still much more common here in Germany was completely unfamiliar to me in the beginning. 

These problems only came up in discussion within the field of chiropractic studies. I only became aware of these mechanistic (false statics) approaches later. These are correct and also important – but the neurological factors take precedence above everything else. It is only these neurological factors that make it possible to help patients who have such a massive malposition that 99% of doctors and physiotherapists would despair immediately. The neuronal, vitalistic path to healing is still much more effective than the purely static approach and, to a certain extent, enables us to intervene in a positive way, even in difficult cases. 

This is not just textbook knowledge, but over the last 33 years in particular we’ve drawn on experienced knowledge to accurately activate this self-healing. Of course, it would be wrong to make grand promises of healing – but, that being said, an initial examination is usually enough to point us in a certain direction! I trust the self-healing power of your body! Chiropractic is my passion; I live it out and implement it wherever I go. It is a craft that can be learned, but it only develops into an art through our passion, our energy and our philosophy.


Since I founded my clinic in 1985, my mission has been to establish vitalistic chiropractic as the holistic, healthy approach. It is distinct from the kind of treatment offered by so many of my colleagues and chirotherapists, which in the end is simply treating the pain and the symptoms rather than preventing them in the first place. I want all of my patients to have the opportunity of understanding their health in this way. 

Since friends do not stand back and watch their friends suffer and parents want what’s best for their children, we have been offering the family package for many years now. To keep everyone healthy, at a fair price. We also have special prices for apprentices, students, the unemployed and children, which should make it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of spinal adjustments. 

By founding the Bremen Chiropractic Seminar and teaching there, I was able to advocate this approach and, in doing so, paved the way for many young colleagues to discover new aspects of chiropractic beyond the practice of American techniques and to develop themselves further. 

At the Bremen Chiropractic Seminar in 1991, I founded the German-American Society for Chiropractic ( along with some enthusiastic colleagues. Today, the DAGC is the largest professional association for chiropractors within Germany. 

Excellent practice can only be founded upon this holistic understanding, coupled with the knowledge and art of spinal adjustment (philosophy, science, art). We are continuously working on this concept so that we are able to offer our patients the best possible spinal adjustments and the best possible path to their health.

Only when all of the nerves that run through the spinal column are able to work as best as they possibly can, (i.e. are not affected by twisting, blockages or muscle tension), can the communication between organ – brain and brain – organ and therefore our innate intelligent self-healing power function properly. This makes the spine the key to your health and well-being. And this is true no matter what age you are: Newborns, children, adults and older people.

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