Fredrik Harbort

Master of Chiropractic and Alternative Practitioner

Fredrik is the son of Markus Harbort and has been immersed in the world of the life and health philosophy of chiropractic since childhood. Having grown up in Bremen, Fredrik decided to train in this exciting profession after finishing his A-levels. During his training as an alternative practitioner, Fredrik took his first courses in chiropractic. After graduation, Fredrik went to the Barcelona College of Chiropractic to learn modern, holistic chiropractic in a dual degree programme and, while studying there, he became aware of the full potential of chiropractic. During his five years of study in Barcelona, Fredrik had the opportunity to learn what he loves from many of the most successful chiropractors, mainly from the USA: Chiropractic! 

Fredrik felt at home in a very active environment for the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic. The Barcelona College of Chiropractic is one of the few universities in the world that teaches holistic, vitalistic chiropractic. For several years now, Fredrik has supported students from all age groups in learning chiropractic techniques and has run a very active, internal student clinic. Through his studies, Fredrik became thoroughly proficient in all five major techniques of chiropractic and was the youngest member of the MLS team of Dr Arno Burnier, USA, the creator of the MLS technique. This is a technique that is particularly convincing thanks to its very pleasant and gentle nature. His Master’s dissertation covered the study of the reduction of asymmetrical loads on the lower extremities and the possible changes brought about by chiropractic adjustments.

For Fredrik, chiropractic must be specific, effective, pleasant and accessible and achievable for people. When he returned from Barcelona, Fredrik brought with him the concept of the “Open Room”, which creates a special atmosphere while he is carrying out his spinal adjustments. 

Fredrik wishes to use chiropractic to help as many people as possible and create a new awareness that health comes from within and why a healthy spine is so important.

In his spare time, Fredrik enjoys boating and fishing for predatory fish. He speaks English, Swedish and Spanish.

Wir justieren nicht einfach: Unsere Chiropraktik ist unsere Gabe, eine Kunst, praktiziert mit Passion, Empathie und Service für unsere Stadt und natürlich alle anderen Patienten! 

Our body has an innate intelligence to heal itself. The decisive driver for this is our brain, which processes the information received and passes it on to the organs via our spine. As a result, this pathway and consequently your backbone becomes the key organ for your health.

Our vision is to influence these optimal pathways in your body in such a way that the healing process is supported and not impaired by medication. We live by this vitalistic principle of life and healing and want to pass on this knowledge to as many people as possible.

We promise not to take away the hope of healing from any patient, to trust the self-healing powers of the body and to support our patients in the best possible way, regardless of their age, on their way to better health.”

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