Shoulder / arm pain

The arms and shoulders are participated in even the smallest routine movements. A human's shoulders and arms are the body parts that are used the most while being at work, while playing. The shoulder movements are constant, for even just by inhaling, a little movement occurs in the shoulder/arm joint. The arms are the human's instruments, a physical extension of thoughts, which allow it to reach out and to receive things to use them. We just think of a few movements that usually occur daily:

  1. Ball games
  2. Driving a car
  3. Cooking and Eating
  4. Weaving
  5. Swimming
  6. Playing tennis
  7. Running or Walking
  8. Playing piano
  9. Drawing/wallpaper
  10. Garden work
  11. Washing dishes
  12. Turning book pages

Those are just a dozen examples of the thousands of movements, to show, how important the pain-free movement of the arms and shoulders is. The arm/shoulder joint is the joint that is the most likely to dislocate and the shoulder belt is the most complicated joint system.

Displaced Vertebras Can Mean Arm/Shoulder Pain
Arm and shoulder pain can have different reasons, but very often displacements of the vertebras, bad posture, vertebral curvatures or vertebral injuries carry the fault. Each of these named problems can cause an irritation or jamming of the nerves that the arms, shoulders and neck supply. The rank of pain is between mild and torturous. Sometimes a light pain is followed by a fatal difference, while an intense pain is nothing but muscle soreness from an unusual active weekend.

Normal Nerve Function absolutely necessary
The three main elements of the arms and shoulders- bones, muscles and connective tissue- function together harmonically when a normal functioning of the nerves exists. If a nerve on the vertebral or in the shoulder/arm zone is irritated or jammed, it is followed by pain and capability of movement.


What illnesses are there?
The most popular illnesses in this area are neuritis, bursitis, neuralgia, arthritis, problems with the circulation, myasthenia, paralysis (paresis), discoordination, and tremor. Upper abdomen pain can provoke reflexes that are followed by pain that you can feel in the shoulder. This pain can mean abdominal cavity infection or gall bladder illness. Each of these problems will first be noticed with pain in the arm/shoulder and neck region and is first noticed by putting on a jacket or combing hair.

If you feel pain in the arm or shoulder, the cause isn't always at the spot where you feel it. Often the cause lays somewhere else and only reflects on the arm and shoulder. Very often pain occurs after a rear- end collision. In an accident or a fall, the head catapults backward or forward and this causes injury to the vertebral. Nerves that lead to the arm and shoulder can get jammed or irritated and cause pain, which might occur weeks or months sometimes even 2-5 years after the accident.

It often involves the same pain like arthritis, neuritis and neuralgia that are infections of the BURSA, which excretes the liquid of the joints in the shoulder joint. The shoulder is often stiff with mild pain that gets stronger during movements. If the condition worsens, the hand swells up and the arm may get blue, hard and less painful. With chiropractic treatment the illness does not need to reach this stage and the arm and shoulder condition can be normalized.

Neuritis/Radiculitis/Neuralgia (nerve infection)
The designation means that there is pressure on the root of the nerve, which causes an infection at that spot. This pressure on the root of the nerve is the biggest effect of arm-shoulder pain. The root of the nerve kicks out a gap between two vertebras. In a healthy vertebral the nerve does not get irritated through movement of the cervical vertebra. However, if one or more vertebras are shifted, an irritation of the root of the nerve can develop. E. g.: pressure on the 6th root of the nerve in the neck can cause a fuzzy feeling and pain in the thumb and index finger and weakness of the bicep muscles. A fuzzy feeling in the middle and index finger and weakness in the tricep muscles can be caused by pressure on the seventh root of the nerve in the cervical spine.

Light pain can be the effect of a serious illness
Constant pressure on the root of the nerve through a shifted vertebra, intervertebral disc or arthritis causes an infection of the nerve of the root and effects pain which varies between low and pinning and sharp and penetrative. If such a pain should occur, then a specialist for nerves and vertebras needs to be contacted right away since these symptoms are a warn signal for infections like arthritis, intoxication and an injury in the vertebra.

Consult a chiropractor or a chiropractic acting doctor
It is obvious that arm and shoulder pain indicate a serious problem. The chiropractor is the one who can correct arm and shoulder problems. The education of a chiropractor ("Doctor of Chiropractic") and his knowledge are specialized on those kinds of problems, which include the vertebra, nerves, muscles and joints.

As we can see, arm and shoulder pain can be caused by many different illnesses and only after a thorough examination and x-rays, a precise diagnosis can be made and a treatment method can be determined.

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