Children and chiropractic

A healthy body is the greatest gift that even a millionaire can leave his child. Childhood accidents and displacements of the vertebra can cause fatal problems if they are not treated early enough. Your daughter's or son's future is based on their health. Nervous breakdowns and menstruation problems in adulthood can be prevented in the development years. See Scoliosis.

You should not be frightened when you see the picture of the normal way of giving birth. The picture makes clear how toddlers can develop problems with the vertebra. Unfortunately, these situations may not be noticeable: the children ail, have frequent stomachaches, and are so called "colic babies". Above all, if it was a forceps delivery or a "difficult" birth, have your child checked by a chiropractor. Often there are problems with the spine or displacements of the vertebra and these are relatively easy to treat. Why should your children suffer or why should you suffer with them?

Wrong movements while playing or doing sport often exert a more powerful shock to the spine than it can bear. Before such injuries and sprains become severe health problems, you should get examined and, if necessary, treated.

Watch your Health
Kids love rough play, they fall, bang together, scratch and cut themselves and get bruises. Parents are usually careful and treat open wounds so that they heal better and don't leave a scar behind. Most parents, however, don't know that there is such thing as invisible wounds, which could endanger the child's future health.

Natural Shock damper
The spinal cord sometimes is called nature's push or shock damper, because it is so flexible – built up on different bones, which move in a special way together. Sometimes a shock (caused by a push, wrong movement, a fall, etc.) is too powerful for the spine and one or more vertebrae are shifted. This causes a light irritation or an injury in the nerves that run between the vertebrae-nerves that send messages to and from the brain.

Nerve function is essential
The function of every organ, every tissue, every gland, even every cell in the body, is regulated by nerves. Even a slight irritation or injury in the root of the nerve, where they leave the vertebrae, can result in a shortened or heightened nerve function. If the nerve impulses don't function correctly, then the corresponding part of the nerve will become nonfunctioning over time. It is possible that, until the symptoms surface, the accident has already been forgotten.

How chiropractic helps
The chiropractor's biggest concern is to find and correct the actual cause for illnesses. In the same way that your child goes to the dentist on a regular basis to get its teeth checked, your child should also have a chiropractic examination on a regular basis to determine if there are any health problems with the spine or shifted vertebrae and, thereby, problems with nerve function. Other examination methods could cause pain or other symptoms, but the child will suffer from constant illness until the actual cause is found and treated. If your child has any of the symptoms listed below, then it should definitely be examined by a chiropractor.

Don't just treat the symptoms, find the cause
Bad posture - Nervousness - Bedwetting - Weakness - Stomachaches - digestive disorders - Fever - Colics - Hearing problems - Irritations - Headaches - Sore throat - "Growth problems" - Earaches - Cough - Rashes - Asthma - Bronchitis - Bad coordination - Lack of concentration

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